Building Department


Interested parties, such as title companies and individuals, can request the City to check its records for open or expired permits against a property. For a fee of $35 per folio, the City will search its records and report any open or expired permit against the property. The turnaround time is between three to five business days and you will receive the information via email or if requested by hard copy.

Please be advised that the information contained in the response is limited to the City of Doral and does not include any information with regard to the liens, assessments or other charges imposed by the Doral Code Compliance or Miami-Dade County.

Search Requirements

You must provide the folio number for each property for every lien search that you request. You must provide the property identification number so the City is certain of the exact parcel you wish searched. The property identification number is also known as the folio or parcel number. You must provide your email address, telephone and fax number.

If you do not know the property identification number for a property, you can go to the Miami-Dade County Property Appraiser's website and conduct a Property Search by either the owner's name or property address. Once the page for the property is accessed, you will find the property identification number located in the top left hand corner of the page (it is shown as Folio No).

Building Record Requests: Record Requests include documents on completed construction permits, certificates of occupancy for properties located within the City of Doral, etc. An address, permit number and folio are necessary to conduct a thorough search. There is a $15.00 research fee for each address/folio and must be paid in advance. Prepaymet of fees is required.

Building Open Permit Search: Open Permit Searches are performed for the Property Folio Number, results represent all City of Doral Building Department open permits only.

Flood Zone Determination: Provides a determination on the location of a property in relation to the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). This information is required to purchase flood insurance or to apply for a building permit. If a flood elevation certificate is on file for the building, a copy will be provided in lieu of a determination.

NOTE: Upfront fee is a NON-REFUNDABLE payment.